3 Pillars of Food Justice

The Brooklyn Food Coalition believes that there are 3 key areas that define Food Justice and the movement behind it.

Healthy Food for All

What if empty lots were turned into community gardens and local farmers sold fresh fruits and vegetables in every Brooklyn neighborhood? What if kids learned how to grow and cook healthy food and were fed vitamin-packed meals at school? These goals are not pipe dreams. The Brooklyn Food Coalition believes that healthy, affordable food is everyone’s right, and we are committed to a just and sustainable food system for our all our neighbors and local food producers.

Sustainable Food Systems

Interest in local foods and sustainable agriculture is growing rapidly across the country, but what is it and why should it interest you? Sustainability is defined as using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. It is maintainable, supportable, tenable and justifiable.

Justice for Food Workers

Food and farm workers are among the lowest paid and most highly exploited workers all over the world. This includes the 20 million food workers in the United States and right here in our towns and neighborhoods. From harvesting crops to waiting tables, , food workers are frequently denied basic rights and protections given to other occupations under federal law.